About Jonathan’s Stories…


Over the years I have invented many stories for my children for bedtime, long journeys or anywhere, any time really, just for fun. It’s the best way of bonding that I can think of. I’ve always been reluctant to put pen to paper but recently various family members and friends have egged me on, not just to write the taradiddles down but to read and record them as well.

During the hours of happy story-telling, several characters have consistently reappeared either in one-off short adventures or as part of longer meanderings divided into episodes. When I set off on these journeys I have no idea where they’ll lead me, sometimes even falling asleep in the telling before any end is in sight!

One of my latest characters is Big Badger – invented for my last child – so I’ll start with him…..

- Jonathan Darlington

Big Badger Gets Married

Big Badger & Mole Set Off For The Magic Mountain