Living Concert Series – Wagner: Der Symphonische Ring

Duisburger Philharmonika

Jonathan Darlington – conductor



This debut recording of a novel version of the Ring takes us on a journey right through the “Ring of the Nibelung” in a shortened form spanning a good hour and a half. It is part of the Living Concert Series.

Released: 19th March 2012


“This is the best orchestral recension of the Ring to come my way, high points from the tetralogy stitched into two seamless fabrics…If these are “bleeding chunks”, then blood is convincingly staunched…The result, as intensely realised here, is pure pleasure, never a longueur, epiphany piled on epiphany like a bridge to heaven.” – The Sunday Times
Track Listing

Richard Wagner: Das Rheingold (arr. F. Dressler for orchestra)

Scene 1: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Scene 4: Gesang der Rheintocher (The Song of the Rhine Maidens)

Scene 4: Alberichs Liebesfluch (Alberich’s Curse of Love)

Scene 4: Gotterburg Walhall (The God’s Castle Valhalla)

Scene 4: Das Schmieden (The Forging)

Scene 4: Donners Ruf (Donner’s Call)

Richard Wagner: Die Walkure (arr. F. Dressler for orchestra)

Scene 1: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Scene 3: Seigmund und Sieglinde (Siegmund and Sieglinde)

Scene 3: Die Wintersturme (Winter Storms)

Scene 3: Seigmund und Sieglindes Flucht (Siegmund and Sieglinde’s Escape)

Scene 1: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Scene 2: Wotans Wut (Wotan’s Rage)

Scene 1: Walkurenritt (Ride of the Valkyries)

Scene 3: Wotans Abschied (Wotan’s Farewell)

Scene 3: Feuerzauber (Magical Fire)

Richard Wagner: Siegfried (arr. F. Dressler for orchestra)

Act II: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Act II: Waldweben (Forest Murmurs)

Kampf mit dem Drachen (Siegfried’s Fight with the Dragon)

Act II: Fafners Mahnung (Fafner’s Warning)

Act III: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Richard Wagner: Gotterdammerung (arr. F. Dressler for orchestra)

Act I: Nacht auf Brunnhildes Felsen (Night on Brunnhilde’s Rock)

Act I: Sonnenaufgang (Sunrise)

Act I: Duett Siegfried-Brunnhilde (Siegfried-Brunnhilde Duet)

Act I: Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt (Siegfried’s Rhine Journey)

Act II: Hagens Notruf (Hagen’s Battle Summons)

Act II: Chor der Mannen (Chorus of the Vassals)

Act III: Vorspiel (Prelude)

Act III: Ermordung (The Murder of Siegfried)

Act III: Erinnerung an Brunnhilde (Siegfried’s Memory of Brunnhilde)

Act III: Tod und Trauermarsch (Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March)

Act III: Brunnhildes Schlussgesang (Brunnhilde’s Immolation Scene)